INTERVIEW | Alex Wall of Bleeding Knees Club

We caught up with Party In The Park headliners Bleeding Knees Club.

We ask Alex Wall, of Bleeding Knees Club, about line-up changes, playing live and the future.

How did BKC form? Me and my friend and ex member, Jordan, started the band in 2010. We were just 2bored kids with nothing better to do so we started playing in our garages writing songs and pissing off the neighbours. Once Jordan left and I moved back from New York, I got really lucky and ended up meeting the current legends, Gio, Michael and Nick just around Sydney at shows. They seemed like the perfect fit for BKC and we have never sounded better.

Now that BKC has taken on a full band is there more collab in the writing? I have always written everything my self, and this E.P coming out soon is the samedeal. Just me in my room writing songs. Im a bit of control freak. But once we record in the studio the songs always chance from my original ideas and everyone kind of puts their little thing into each one.

Will we see a shift in sound? The new lineup is a bit heavier, and more punk. But the songs will always soundlike BKC songs.

Are you guys putting out more new music soon off the back of Chew the Gum? Yepp, we have a E.P. coming out in April.


How keen are you guys for Party in thePark? Super keen! Im really into festivals with one stage. Everyone has to watch everyband which is rad. We cant wait to freak everyone out.

Do you prefer club shows or festivals? They both have their perks. Festivals are easy and nice. You get food and drinksyour gear is there already and you don't have to stay up late or lift equipment. But club shows are fun cause you have kids right in your face and its super sweaty and energetic and raw which I like.

Do you guys have fashion icons or do you feel you have a personal sense of style? I don't really look at anyone current. We are kind of really into looking at elderlymen and seeing what they are into. Old men have mad style. So maybe our style is "Old man".

Where do you pick up your main threads? Favourite place to shop? I just buy second hand clothes. From salvos or vinnies. I feel new clothes seem likea waste of money most the time.

What does 2017 have instore for BKC? New E.P. in April, then touring for while then hopefully record a new album!