Get to know Izi and Jonny!

We teamed up with the duo behind The Editorialist for a New Campaign to showcase our latest must-haves for this season! Not only do we love both their effortlessly cool sense of styles and humble personalities but also Izi's way with words and the way Jonny captures the world.

The couple spend a lot of time beachside and live quite a coastal lifestyle which we can see plays an influence in the way that they dress, giving them that that perfect balance of a relaxed yet refined approach to fashion.

We sat down with Izi and Jonny to find out how The Editorialist all started, their hot tips when it comes to travelling and their styling tips for the season. Check it out below:

How did you two start The Editorialist?

Jonny:We started documenting our escapades (Izi and I) on Instagram. Mostly lattes and avo toasts really. Which seemed to gain a few likes/follows. So it led to publishing a website (I’m also a web/app developer so it only seemed natural). With Izi’s way with words and some nice photos it all tied in nicely.

Favourite place you’ve travelled to?

Izi:The south Island in New Zealand is the most spectacular place we’ve travelled. The landscapes are like nothing you’ve ever experienced. We stayed in a tree house on a Venison farm in Kaikora. It was pretty magical.

As Sydney Locals, do you have any hot tips or secret spots you can share?

Izi: You’ll find us at Lox Stock and Barrel for breakfast and Porch and Parlour for coffee. We are suckers for really good Thai food, but our favorite dinner spot is A Tavola – they do a killer pasta.

If The Editorialist was a song what would it be?

Jonny: Flume by Bon Iver. We listened to it in over-kill when we first met, now it’s kind of stuck with us.

If The Editorialist was a destination where would it be?

Jonny:Somewhere by the ocean in Italy; however, Izi is Croatian, so we’d probably take Croatia (and that’s without any sacrifice).

If The Editorialist was a food what would it be?

Izi:We both answered this simultaneously… avocado on toast.

What are your current must-have items from the latest range?

Izi: I love the brand Interval, I’m pretty obsessed with this jacket and I’ve been wearing my One Teaspoon white free-birds everywhere!

Any styling tips for this season?

Jonny:I’m pretty loyal to my classics. Some staple denim (jeans and jacket), a crinkled white-collar shirt, a heavy coat and leather boots.

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