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Superga men’s shoes have always been sought after because of their simplicity, originality and versatility. Browse our wide variety of iconic men's sneakers by Superga for a timelessly fashionable look. Canvas or leather, classic white or on-trend colour, get your new favourite everyday shoes at Glue Store today.

For timeless casual style, choose Superga men’s shoes

When innovative Italian shoe designer Walter Martiny created Superga in his hometown of Turin in 1911, he probably didn’t think it would be a revered global footwear brand over a century later.

Superga first earned its reputation through its tennis shoes with vulcanised rubber soles. One of its first prototypes was the incredibly iconic Superga 2750 sneaker, which is still produced to this day and has been dubbed the ‘people's shoe of Italy’.

As their popularity grew after the war, Superga began to expand beyond tennis shoes, and into other timeless yet trendy high quality sneakers and casual shoes for men, women and children. This led to a host of unique colours, styles and designs.

In modern times, Superga men’s sneakers are staples of so many casual ensembles both in Australia and beyond. They’re perfect for everyday wear because of their clean, minimal, versatile looks that merge a classic tennis shoe silhouette with modern features and quality materials.

Superga also brings you timeless men’s shoe styles in the colours you’ve been looking for. From classic white tones to camo vibes and muted on-trend shades, there’s a colour to suit your personal style.

Superga men’s shoes for all occasions

Are you looking for a pair of casual, everyday, go-to sneakers that will take you from your workplace to a fancy date, the high street to kicking a footy in the park with your mates? Superga men’s shoes are the answer. One of the key reasons they’re so popular is because these stylish, comfortable sneakers go with practically every look.

For the ultimate in versatile appeal, it’s hard to look past a pair of the classic 2750 men’s Superga sneakers. Lace up or velcro, canvas or leather, white or black or an on-trend shade like green laurel, they’re available in so many varieties, so you’re sure to find the perfect pair to add to your wardrobe.

Or choose from Superga’s sustainable range, which includes men’s shoes made from organic cotton, natural hemp, light natural cork and manually extracted natural rubber, all manufactured to internationally recognised organic farming standards.

No matter your choice, you can rest assured knowing these Superga men’s sneakers and shoes will look just as great alongside jeans or shorts, trackpants or chinos.

Shop Superga men’s shoes at Glue Store now

Whether you’re keen to play tennis in some iconic Superga men’s sports shoes or you’re simply after a pair of new casual shoes to wear over the weekend, you can find a timeless collection of Superga men’s shoes on sale here.

Browse the latest Superga men’s sneakers and Superga sale shoes at Glue Store. We also carry a wonderful range of Superga women’s shoes. With their original designs and versatility, they’re a great gift idea for a partner or family member.

As Australia’s ‘House of Brands’ for over 20 years, we’re proud to continue bringing the freshest street, fashion and sports culture fashion to you. Shop Superga men’s shoes at Glue Store today.