For over 100 years, Superga has been known for their wide range of classic sneakers and tennis shoes.

Timeless yet trendy, Superga sneakers are the staple of the modern casual style.

Made in clean cuts with minimalistic design, these sneakers quickly became popular due to their simplicity and originality.

Back in 1911, Italian designer Walter Martiny established Superga in the city of Turin.

Originally, the brand fas focused on the production of tennis shoes, including the famous “2750 Classic” sneakers.

As their popularity grew, the brand started introducing new shoe styles to their range and expanded to men, women and children footwear.

Versatile yet classic, Superga designs arrive in classic white tones and muted shades, perfect for everyday wear.

Combining classic tennis shoe silhouette with modern designs and quality materials, Superga brings you timeless styles with a pop of colour, just enough to keep your outfit on point.

Superga’s designs are known for their uniqueness and authenticity as well as original style features such as woven rope, metallic and print finishes.

From classic whites to camo vibes, Superga shoe range has something for everyone’s style and preference.

Collaborating with global style icons and celeb, such as Alexa Chung, allowed Superga to introduce edgier and bold designs.

From city to the beach, Superga shoes will keep you stylish and comfy all day long.

Perfect from morning-to-night wear, Superga sneakers are classic staple shoes and a true must-have in every guy’s and girl’s wardrobe.

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