For over 100 years, Superga has been known for their wide range of classic sneakers and tennis shoes. Timeless yet trendy, Superga sneakers are a popular staple of modern casual style. Made in clean cuts with minimalistic, original design, don’t miss the latest Superga sneakers at Glue Store.

Why are Superga sneakers so popular?

Back in 1911, under the care and attention of renowned Italian designer Walter Martiny, Superga was established in the city of Turin. The brand began to produce shoes with vulcanised rubber soles, and originally focused on tennis shoes, including the famous “2750 Classic” heritage sneakers.

After closing during the war, Superga reopened with a mission to bring high quality footwear to the people of Italy. The 2750 became established as the people's shoe of Italy, and Superga increased its product line with specialty Superga sports shoes for other sports, rubber rain boots and, as their popularity grew, a growing range of footwear colours and styles for men, women and children.

Today, Superga are renowned for their extensive experience in the craft of shoemaking, and are a global name in popular footwear. Their versatile yet classic designs in classic white tones and muted shades combine their classic tennis shoe silhouette with modern designs and quality materials.

Perfect for everyday wear, Superga’s shoes offer uniqueness and authenticity as well as original style features, such as woven rope, metallic and print finishes. From classic whites to camo vibes, Superga brings you timeless styles with a pop of colour, just enough to keep your outfit on point, no matter your style or preference.

In recent times, Superga has collaborated with global style icons and celebrities to introduce edgier and bold designs and to reimagine their signature style. This has helped them become a celebrity favourite, worn by everyone from Kate Middleton to Emma Watson.

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From the city to the beach, Superga shoes will keep you stylish and comfy all day long. That’s because Superga sneakers are classic staple shoes and a true must-have in every wardrobe.

Here in Australia, Superga’s versatile shoes are available in classic white, a host of muted tones for an understated look to complement any ensemble, and bright, bold shades that add playful colour to your outfits.

Superga’s timeless design features include hard-wearing vulcanised rubber soles, machine-washable canvas, lace-up fastening and rounded toe ends to create lightweight, durable footwear that is adored by men and women worldwide.

Superga’s iconic 2750 shoe has been around since the beginning and has inspired flatforms and mid tops, been transformed for all weathers. 2750 shoes also get modern updates from top collaborators. Choose canvas or leather 2750 shoes, as well as a variety of colours, here at Glue Store.

Alternatively, for a unique, stylish take on Superga in Australia, experiment with hi tops, platform sneakers, organic cotton sneakers, woven rope slides and other amazing Superga styles from our collection of Superga shoes for women and Superga shoes for men.

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Whether you’re a tennis pro looking for iconic Superga sports shoes or you’re creating a casual weekend ensemble that can be worn every season, you can find a timeless collection of footwear and sneakers from Superga on sale here at Glue Store.

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