Deus Ex Machina: Much More Than A Clothing Brand

Australian born drawing influence from all over the world, Deus Ex Machina is an internationally recognised brand that lives and breathes creativity. Much more than clothing, Deus expresses a way of living through their artistic yet functional products ranging from hand-built motorbikes to their high-quality clothing line and the vintage sound produced by their music label.

Deus Records

Driven by passion in all it does, their creativity extends into their music label too. Deus Records, powered by Deus Ex Machina curates a number of unique editions, recordings, events and merchandise celebrating underground music culture. Based out of Tokyo - broadcast worldwide.

Deus Japan Records from Glue Store on Vimeo.

The latest Deus apparel collection exclusive to Glue includes oversized box fit sweats and tees in heavyweight dry cotton, tumbled and pre-washed to give each garment an exacting vintage patina. Classic slouch style Hoodies and track pants for the freshening Autumn mornings, all decorated with unique graphics designed at the House of Simple Pleasures.
Key pieces include the SONIC tee, one part graphic homage to Talous Latrrec, one part tarot card mysticism, only with higher kicks and more energy.
The BRAIN POWER tee presents the skeleton of Socrates post hemlock , contemplating and adrift at sea. On the reverse, an oversized archetypal spiral melting from the cosmic force of a revolving at 45 on the rear. Perfectly aged and cracked like your Uncles discarded Big Day out merchandise.
From metal to petals The PUSHIN' DAISIE tee, another absurdist print, referential forged edges giving rise to a fresh morning daisy, two worlds collide and blend together to form one lasting bloom.

Enjoy the latest collection by Deus Records, apparel that salutes music and its vast visual heritage. For more Deus exclusive styles click here.

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