As one of the most legendary shoe brands worldwide, Havaianas has changed the footwear industry all around the globe.

Established in 1962, the first pair of Havaianas thongs was based on the traditional Japanese Zori sandal concept, known for their rice straw sole.

Soon after, the brand started selling their signature white and blue shoes all around Brazil through a simple travelling system, selling thongs to their customers directly from the van.

In 1966, the Havaianas’ shape was officially patented and the brand expanded their traditional blue and white range when a production error accidentally produced a batch of green Havaianas which ended up in an overwhelmingly positive reaction.

The brand started offering their signature shoes in a variety of colours and designs along with some of the limited editions including “Brazil” World Cup, Disney and Special Collection.

These fashionable thongs have quickly gained popularity in Australia, where Australians managed to break and enter Guinness Book by forming the longest line while holding their purchase rafts in the shape of Havaianas’ thongs.

As one of the most celebrated shoe brands worldwide, Havaianas shoe range is still known for their quality and durability.

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