Converse is not just a shoe company - it's a fashion institution. From humble beginnings in 1908, Converse has steadily risen in popularity to become one of the world's leading footwear manufacturers.

Whether it's high-tops for on or off the basketball court, low-tops for daily wear, or just the perfect sneaker for almost any occassion, there really is a Converse for everyone.

"Cons", "Chucks" or "All Stars" - however you choose to call you fav Converse kicks, they managed to stay true to the original deisgn and remained largely unchanged since their introduction in the 1920s.

Converse has long been the casual shoe of choice for the fashion elite and trend-setters the world over. From leather to signature cotton canvas, Converse Chuck Tayors now arrive with innovative "loose lining", carefully developed with an intent to provide flexibility and prevent blisters.

in 1921 Charles "Chuck" Taylor, semi-professional American basketball player joined the brand and the rest was history. His ideas and designs to enhance flexibility and provide anke support were welcomed by the brand and soon after, Chuck Taylor All Stars were born.

Back in 2015, Converse adopted Nike's technology with full-length Lunarion insole for additional comfort and support. From model Agnes Deyn and heiress Nicole Richie to actors Chris Evans and Zachary Quinto.

Today, Converse is adored by the fashion community including Instagram influencers and IT girls around the globe.

Classic, timeless and irreplaceable - Converse kicks are perfect for all four seasons.

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