Englishman Jason Denham established the Denham label in the city of Amsterdam in the Netherlands.

Having already established his reputation in the European market as a consummate 'jeanmaker' known for mixing denim modernism with workwear tradition, he resolved that the jeans category needed an injection of something fresh, new and undeniably mouth-watering.

Assembling a small like-minded team of international designers, Denham set up operations in Amsterdam in 2008.

Denham design is permanently tied to their belief in denim's basic integrity. They look at the core of what drives jeans culture to inspire the approach they take in everything they do.

The Denham label is focussed on balancing an intense commitment to progressive design against an equally obsessive respect for jeans craft tradition.

In step with founder Jason Denham's long held personal creative connections, they endeavour to manifest a practical 'jeanmaker' attitude of honest craftsmanship multiplied by fearless experimentation and invention not only in every jean they create, but in every garment in the line and every other aspect of the label.

Denham products are the result of a development process, which balances a deep respect for workwear history with a fearless intention to move garment designed forward.

These twin ambitions are evident in every aspect of the collection from the approach to detailing to the choice of fabrics and the creation of shapes and silhouettes.