Reinvented and revamped, Jaggad brings out some of the hottest activewear of the season.

Under the new ownership of two ex AFL football players and lifelong friends, Chris Judd and Steven Greene the once popular triathlon brand turned into stylish and functional performance apparel, known for its premium construction techniques and latest-generation technical fabrics.

Cut from premium fabrics under the close eye of a passionate design team, Jaggad styles are inspired by beauty, sport and simplicity.

With a goal to inspire you to be at your best, Jaggad wear is all about a healthy and active life.

Dedicated to durable active wear styles that can support the day-to-day training requirements, the brand has partnered with different experienced athletes in order to ensure that their design and functionality satisfy even the toughest workout sessions.

Fused by Australian sports heritage, Jaggad is driven by their passion for an active lifestyle and motivation to keep you positive, energised and healthy.

From leggings and tops to sporty jackets and tees, Jaggad activewear range will keep you feeling good both in and out of the gym.

Work hard and play hard with our Jaggad range of premium sportswear.