Wrangler was born from an ambition to create the world’s best five pocket jeans.

Established in 1947 by Blue Bell denim manufacturing company, the brand quickly became one of the leading names in the denim fashion industry worldwide.

Straight from day one, Wrangler was all about the jeans. Recognisable all around the globe, Wrangler’s 7 icons were established right at the beginning and included the watch pocket, W stitch, the patch, rope logo, reverse fully felled yoke, flat rivets and seven belt loops.

Innovative and original, the brand was responsible for bringing that perfect leg fit to the denim industry when one of their technicians came up with a unique fabric weave with “broken twill line” and provided fabric stability that eliminated leg seam twisting when washed.

During the ‘70s, Wrangler became the go-to denim brand among Hollywood A-listers and celebs, with stars like Robert Mitchem and Steve McQueen repping the famous W icons which resulted in increased popularity among the young, urban population.

Soon after, Wrangler jeans became a synonym for young teenagers all around the world, with an even wider range of innovative styles and cuts.

Made to last you a lifetime, Wrangler jeans are constructed from the premium denim, cotton heavy material and finished in a timeless fit that will still be trendy in the years to come.

From shorts, skirts and jeans to tess, jackets and swimwear, Wrangler takes on a traditional, “All-American” approach to modern streetwear.

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