Happy Bday Dr. Martens!

Six decades ago, the iconic Dr. Martens 1460 Boot was born. From festivals to the fashion runway, to say you've been versatile is almost an understatement!

You entered life as a work boot. Born from a mesh of two worlds, half of you has cutting-edge German engineering and the other half has the heritage of many decades of British shoemaking. It seemed an unlikely combination at first, but boy did it spark the life of the Dr. Martens history. A symbol of the beginning of diversity and unpredictability, something that is deeply rooted within your brand.

Dr. Martens, we've truly been through some great times together! Do you remember the first day we met? You were a bit uptight with me... but we've broken through that and we've put it behind us. You always know how to get me with your cheeky tongue!

My favourite part is when you've gone through your vegan phases... Truly iconic. But for me your 1460 Pascal is always number 1!

 Dr Martens Vegan Pascal 1460

Here's to sixty years of great memories. You've literally been there for us through rain, hail, or shine, and even on those wild nights when we've done the walk of shame home together. You are truly loyal, and no matter which way you you look at it, you are always das boot for us 😉

To today, and to forever, we cheers to sixty years of a true legend, the O.G. Let your laces run free mate, you truly deserve it! 🍻

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