What To Wear For Lunar New Year 2021

The Lunar New Year is celebrated all around the world - a tradition often celebrated in red. From red lanterns to red clothing, the colour red represents good luck, happiness and prosperity in Chinese culture. After a ratty 2020, the upcoming Year of the Metal Ox marks the sign of a new start this Lunar New Year (12th February 2021), so check out these Fortune ‘Fits below that’ll bring your feng shui status to an 8/8 this year.
Women's Lunar New Year Outfit Ideas
Red Mini Dress? Festive af, and don’t forget to pair it with some Dr Martens to pull through your new outfit vibe. (You’re not obligated to dress in all red) Adding some darker tones like black will contrast well with red, add a black accessory like an Adidas side bag
Men's Lunar New Year Gear
Red tops are a must for guys, take advantage of LNY vibrant colours like red, which work well in summer. Whether it’s a Red Nike, Carhartt, Tommy, Stussy or Champion top, you can find your lucky LNY outfit here. Warning, these styles are so good you’ll probably be wearing them all year long - with that in mind, add some black Nike shorts contrast with your red top for a more interesting colour palette.
While it is Chinese tradition to wear brand-new clothes on LNY as a symbol of a fresh start, you can still add some accessories as finishing touches to your LNY outfit. Hats and bags like the red Nike cap or Tommy side bag can be a great addition to maximize your lucky look.

Putting together your outfit for Lunar New Year should always be fun! Checkout more outfit ideas below and wishing everyone A Happy Niu Year and all the best for your 2021.