Authentic and original, Vans shoes have been “the thing” since the moment they saw the light of the day.

Established in 1966, the first ever Vans store opened at 704R Broadway, in Anaheim, California by Paul Van Doren. With a help of three business partners, Paul was following his dream to manufacture shoes and sell them directly to the public - all in one day.

What seemed impossible for some, made Vans the trustworthy and authentic from day one, when they sold out 12 pairs of Vans deck shoes, today is known as “Authentic”.
Inspired by the street and skater community, Vans became recognised by their famous skater board logo, designed in Costa Mesa, California during the ‘70s by Mark Van Doren at the age of only 13.

The logo was initially designed as a stencil which he planned to spray-paint on his skateboard and was later featured on the heel tab of Vans’ early skateboard kicks.

Vans brand and culture rapidly grew, conquering the hearts and styles of skaters and street-style lovers.

Throughout the years, Vans was a big part of the global skater community and participated in the construction of some of the major public skateparks such as the one in Huntington Beach, California and The Old Vic Tunnels in London, also known as House of Vans.

Thanks to the signature waffle sole, strong canvas and padded backs, Vans sneakers became the staple of everyday wear. Comfy and easy to wear, they can be mixed and match with almost anything in your closet.

Their iconic Old Skool sneaker model, with featured leather and throw-back design, has been known as one of the hottest sneaker styles ever.

Worn by anyone from Kardashians to Victoria Secret models and ‘IT” girls around the globe, Old Skool kicks ensured that Vans stays a major player in the sneaker game.

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