The Superga Organic Collection Is Here

Introducing the latest Superga Organic Collection made from organic and recycled materials. Guilt-free fashion, so you can look and feel good, whilst leaving behind a good footprint. 

Superga is the ultimate sustainable shoe. Invented in the era before the invasion of plastic, it has always stayed true to its origins. For over a century, the classic 2750 has been handmade with cotton, natural rubber and aluminium. This has been the essence and strength of their resistant and sustainable design, with most of their materials being natural, and also recyclable.

In an endless fusion between the heritage of the past and innovation of the present, Superga has taken further steps in material research and using the resources of our planet in an elegant and thoughtful way. Superga has designed its first Organic Collection, giving its classic styles an environmentally conscious makeover.

Keeping every detail of the trainer the same as the original styles, these silhouettes within the Organic Collection have been crafted using materials and methods that have a low impact on the environment.

Made from: 
- 100% organic thread; 60% organic cotton, 40% natural hemp
- Natural cork insole and 50% rubber sole

All sourced from local suppliers the Organic Collection by Superga is made with total longevity and recyclability in mind. Designed to be worn on an everyday basis that will last, the Organic Collection are the perfect trainers for casual days at home, running errands around town, or escaping to the countryside for a staycation. 

Available in-store or online now.